Displays application information. The method supports secure calling convention.

Response Fields

Field Description
CODE Specifies the application ID.
VERSION Specifies the application version.
STATUS The application status. It can be one of the following values:
  • F (Free) - free;
  • D (Demo) - demo version;
  • T (Trial) - trial version, time limited;
  • P (Paid) - the application has been purchased.
PAYMENT_EXPIRED [Y|N]: if Y, the application license or trial period has expired.
DAY Specifies the number of days left until the application license or trial period expires.

After the license expires, the application may remain fully functional for a certain grace period to account for possible delay of payment. Finally, if the license has not been renewed, the application is reverted back to demo mode or cease functioning at all. In that case, the value of  PAYMENT_EXPIRED is Y, and the value of DAYS is negative.



JSON response:


XML response:


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