This method returns to the app the first in the queue

offline events

, according to the filter settings.

Method parameters

Method Description Type
filter Records filter. By default, all records are passed, without filtration. Filtration by fields is supported: ID,
with the standard operation types =, >, <, <= and etc.
order Records sorting. Sorting by the same fields, as in the filter is supported. Array type [field=>ASC|DESC] is received on input. By default - [TIMESTAMP_X:ASC]. array
limit Quantity of selected records. By default is 50. int

Additional parameters

Method Description
clear Values: 0|1 - option to delete selected records. By default - 1
process_id Process ID. It is used, if it is necessary to repeatedly select records that have not yet been handled by the current process.
error Values: 0|1 - option to return erroneous records (see. below). By default - 0.

This method supports multithreaded parsing. It means, that several parallel requests to /rest/event.offline.get are permitted (with compliance to limitation on the number of requests per unit of time). Each of such records will receive different sets of records.

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