Subscription class for handling subscriptions.

Class methods

Method Description Available from version
add Creates subscription according to subscriber email and returns array with subscriptions list.
getLinkSub Returns link to user email campaign subscription confirmation page.
getLinkUnsub Returns link to user email unsubscription page.
getList Returns list of all user email campaign subscriptions.
getMailingList Returns list of email campaigns available for subscription.
isUnsubscibed Returns true, when e-mail address was unsubscribed from email campaign.
onMailEventSubscriptionDisable Handler for the event \Bitrix\Sender\Subscription::Disable.
onMailEventSubscriptionEnable Handler for the event \Bitrix\Sender\Subscription::Enable.
onMailEventSubscriptionList Handler for the event \Bitrix\Sender\Subscription::List.
sendEventConfirm Sends email to an email address with subscription confirmation link.
subscribe Subscribes to email campaign.
unsubscribe Unsubscribes to email campaign.

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