PushTable - table, containing description of mobile devices for further sending of push notifications using this table.


Class Description Available from version
getMap Returns list of fields with types.
getTableName Returns name for database table for corresponding entity.
validateAppId Returns validators for the field APP_ID.
validateDeviceId Returns validators for the field DEVICE_ID.
validateDeviceName Returns validators for the field DEVICE_NAME.
validateDeviceToken Static method returns validators for the field DEVICE_TOKEN.
validateDeviceType Returns validators for the field DEVICE_TYPE.
validateUniqueHash Returns validators for the field UNIQUE_HASH.

Table with description of mobile devices

Field Description Type Required
DEVICE_TYPE Device type.varchar(50) N
APP_ID Application ID. varchar(50) N
UNIQUE_HASH Unique cache.varchar(50) N
DEVICE_ID Device ID.varchar(255) N
DEVICE_NAME Device name.varchar(50) N
DEVICE_TOKEN Device token. varchar(255) Y
DATE_CREATE Date created. datetime Y
DATE_AUTH Date authenticated. datetime N

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