Web Messenger in the old core


List of the Web Messengermodule events in the old core

Event is Called Method Available from version
OnAfterMessagesAdd after adding a message CIMMessenger::Add 11.0.0
OnBeforeMessagesAdd before adding a message CIMMessage::Add 11.0.1
OnAfterConfirmNotify after notification is confirmed CIMNotify::Confirm 11.0.3
OnBeforeConfirmNotify before notification confirmation CIMNotify::Confirm 11.0.3
OnAfterDeleteNotify after notification is deleted CIMNotify::DeleteWithCheck 11.0.3
OnAfterNotifyAdd after adding a notification CIMMessenger::Add 11.5.6
OnAfterDeleteMessage after deleting a message CIMMessage::Delete 11.5.6
OnAfterContactListGetList after getting a contact list CIMContactList::GetList 12.1.3
OnBeforeMessageNotifyAdd before adding notification or message CIMNotify:add, CIMMessage::Add CIMChat::AddMessage 12.1.3
OnAfterMessagesUpdate after editing a message CIMMessenger::Update 15.0.0
OnAfterMessagesDelete after deleting a message CIMMessenger::Delete 15.0.0
OnAfterFileUpload after file upload CIMDisk::UploadFile 15.0.3
OnAfterChatRead afterreading a chat CIMChat::SetReadMessage 16.5.0

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