Document generation cycle

Full document generation and conversion cycle:

  1. Uploads database template record by ID.
  2. Downloads template from cloud (when file is allocated locally - skips this stage).
  3. File is unpacked and parsed (.docx file - is a zip archive with xml files), and list of fields is retrieved.
  4. Template provider is requested and template and provider field names are matched.
  5. Field values are entered into xml files and packed into file.
  6. File is uploaded into cloud (when file is allocated locally - skips this stage).
  7. Document generation is finished at this stage - we have a completed .docx file.
  8. Command is sent to convert into pdf and jpg (hit on file converter controller).
  9. Execution command is queued (when queue is empty - nothing happens).
  10. Worker uploads the file (when file is located in cloud - downloads from cloud, when file is local - uploads from portal).
  11. Conversion process is launched (the conversion time can change depending on file size / complexity).
  12. Conversion results are uploaded to the portal (when files are stored in cloud - portal uploads the files to cloud).
  13. After files are uploaded - final hit on portal about completed conversion.

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