Templates describe specific site or page views, detailing their layout:

  • With footer and header
  • With sidebar
  • Their variations

The priority of binding to landing page is higher that binding to site (if both site and page of the specific site are bound to different templates, the returned layout will be executed according to the page template configuration). Each area of this template is a separate page (with set of blocks and other similar characteristics).

Presently, the system provides several view templates. The list:

External code (XML_ID) Name
empty Empty
sidebar_left With left sidebar
sidebar_right With right sidebar
header_footer With header and footer
without_left Without left sidebar.
without_right Without right sidebar

Please be advised, template IDs are not specified here. However, an ID must be specified when passing to the site or page. To get the ID directly, use the landing.template.getlist method. You will get the list of IDs for your specific portal.

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