Tasks in Core D7

List of Tasks module classes in core D7

Class, namespace Description
Activity Class namespace for handling CRM activities.
Automation Class namespace for handling CRM sales automation.
BankDetailTable Class for handling bank details/requisites.
Binding Class namespace for multiple CRM entity bindings.
CallList Class subnamespace for handling calls.
Category Class subnamespace for handling Pipelines/categories.
Color Class namespace for storage color diagrams for Deal stages, Lead and Quote statuses in CRM.
CommunicationType Class for handling communication binding types.
CompanyAddress Class for Company address storage.
Config Class namespace for storage of custom user settings within specific entity.
ContactAddress Class for Storage of Contact addresses.
Conversion Class namespace имён классов для конвертации сущностей CRM.
Entity Class namespace for handling entities.
EntityAddress Class for storage of entity addresses.
EntityBankDetail Class for handling bank details.
EntityRequisite Class for handling entity requisites.
Entry Class namespace for storage of individual entries.
Integration Class namespace for interaction - integration with other modules.
Integrity Class namespace for managing, searching, tracing and merging duplicates.
InvoiceTable Class for handling invoice table.
Kanban Class namespace for handling kanban.
LeadAddress Class for storage of Lead addresses.
Merger Class namespace, used when managing duplicates, when converting and for merging entity fields.
PresetTable ORM class for handling CRM details/requisite templates.
Preview Class namespace, used when generating "rich links" for CRM entity.
Requisite Class namespace, used for converting requisites from entities.
RequisiteAddress Class for storage requisite addresses.
RequisiteTable Class for handling entity requisite tables.
Restriction Class namespace for handling limits and restrictions.
Settings Class and method namespace for executing non-basic CRM system settings.
Statistics Class namespace, used for data collection when generating analytic reports.
Synchronization Class namespace, used for synchronizing sets of custom fields between different entity types.
Widget Widgets, used for generating analytic reports.
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