list of constants

CTasks constants


Constant Description Numeric values
CTasks::METASTATE_VIRGIN_NEW New task (not viewed).-2
CTasks::METASTATE_EXPIRED Task is overdue.-1
CTasks::METASTATE_EXPIRED_SOON Task is almost overdue.-3
CTasks::STATE_NEW New task. (Not used)1
CTasks::STATE_PENDING Task is accepted by the responsible user. (Not used)2
CTasks::STATE_IN_PROGRESS Task completion is in progress.3
CTasks::STATE_SUPPOSEDLY_COMPLETED Provisionally completed (awaits to be checked by the responsible user).4
CTasks::STATE_COMPLETED Task is completed.5
CTasks::STATE_DEFERRED Task is postponed.6
CTasks::STATE_DECLINED Task is declined by the responsible user. (Not used)7


Constant Description
CTasks::PRIORITY_LOW Low priority.
CTasks::PRIORITY_AVERAGE Normal priority.
CTasks::PRIORITY_HIGH High priority.

CTaskItem constants

Actions with task (to verify rights)

Constant Description
CTaskItem::ACTION_ACCEPT Accepting the task (status change to CTasks::STATE_PENDING).
CTaskItem::ACTION_DECLINE Declining the task (status change in CTasks::STATE_DECLINED).
CTaskItem::ACTION_COMPLETE Completing the task (Status change in CTasks::STATE_COMPLETED, either in CTasks::STATE_SUPPOSEDLY_COMPLETED — if the task creator requires control over the task and the task is completed by the user who didn't created the task).
CTaskItem::ACTION_APPROVE Approval for the task that must be managed (switch from status CTasks::STATE_SUPPOSEDLY_COMPLETED to CTasks::STATE_COMPLETED).
CTaskItem::ACTION_DISAPPROVE Active standby for the task that must be managed (switch from CTasks::STATE_SUPPOSEDLY_COMPLETED status to CTasks::STATE_NEW or CTasks::STATE_PENDING, it the responsible user is the subordinate of the task creator).
CTaskItem::ACTION_START Switching of the task into "in progress" status (CTasks::STATE_IN_PROGRESS).
CTaskItem::ACTION_DELEGATE Delegating the task to a subordinate.
CTaskItem::ACTION_REMOVE Deleting the task.
CTaskItem::ACTION_EDIT Editing the task.
CTaskItem::ACTION_DEFER Postponing of the task (switching into the CTasks::STATE_DEFERRED status).
CTaskItem::ACTION_RENEW Return of the task into "New" (CTasks::STATE_NEW) or "Accepted" status(CTasks::STATE_PENDING, if the responsible user is the subordinate of the task creator).
CTaskItem::ACTION_CREATE Creating the task.
CTaskItem::ACTION_CHANGE_DEADLINE Changing the task deadline.

User roles in the task (for rights check)

Constant Description
CTaskItem::ROLE_NOT_A_MEMBER This user is not a participant of the task.
CTaskItem::ROLE_DIRECTOR Task creator.
CTaskItem::ROLE_RESPONSIBLE Responsible user.
CTaskItem::ROLE_ACCOMPLICE Task participant.
CTaskItem::ROLE_AUDITOR Task observer.

Description format (when receiving task description)

Constant Description
CTaskItem::DESCR_FORMAT_RAW "As is" format - can be HTML and BBCode, depending on the task.
CTaskItem::DESCR_FORMAT_HTML HTML format. If the task description has BBCode format, then it will be automatically converted into HTML. If it is already has HTML format, then sanitizer will be applied in accordance with the settings in the task module.
CTaskItem::DESCR_FORMAT_PLAIN_TEXT "Text Only" format. All HTML/BB tags will be removed.

CTaskItem constants

IDs for pre-defined sets of filters

Constant Description
CTaskFilterCtrl::ROOT_PRESET Pseudo-set, does not have conditions. It the parent element for all the rest of filter sets.
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ACTIVE_MY_TASKS "My tasks".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ACTIVE_I_AM_DOER "Presets that active for me".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ACTIVE_I_AM_ORIGINATOR "Presets created by me".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ACTIVE_I_AM_AUDITOR "Presets that I audit".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_DEFERRED_MY_TASKS "Postponed presets for me".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ACTIVE_I_AM_RESPONSIBLE "Active presets that I am responsible for".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ACTIVE_I_AM_ACCOMPLICE "Presets for which I am responsible for".
CTaskFilterCtrl::STD_PRESET_ALL_MY_TASKS "All my presets".

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