Table structure

Available fields

Name Description Read Write* Sorting Filtration
TITLE Task name. ++++
DESCRIPTION Task description. ++++
DEADLINE Deadline. ++++
START_DATE_PLAN Planned start date. ++++
END_DATE_PLAN Planned completion date. ++++
PRIORITY Priority. The field can have the following values: [0] - low priority, [1] - medium, [2] - high. ++++
ACCOMPLICES Assisting task participants (user IDs). ++++
AUDITORS Observers (user IDs). ++++
TAGS Tags (when adding - just a tags array in the text form).
CTasks::GetList() does not return tag fields. CTaskItem::getInstance()->getTags() returns tag names array.
ALLOW_CHANGE_DEADLINE Flag "Allow for responsible user to change deadline". ++++
TASK_CONTROL Flag "Accept after task is competed". ++++
PARENT_ID Parent task ID. ++++
DEPENDS_ON Previous task ID. ++++
GROUP_ID Workgroup ID. ++++
RESPONSIBLE_ID Responsible user ID. ++++
TIME_ESTIMATE Planned time estimate. ++++
ID Task ID. Unique within database. +++
CREATED_BY Task creator ID. ++++
DESCRIPTION_IN_BBCODE Flag that indicates that task description is stored in BB-codes. +++
DECLINE_REASON Reason for task rejection. ++++
REAL_STATUS True task status, recorded via STATUS (see CTasks::STATE_xxx contacts). Read only. +++
STATUS Task meta-status.
CTasks::STATE_xxx constants can be used during writing, however, during reading, aside from CTasks::STATE_xxx, CTasks::METASTATE_xxx can be seen in the results. It means that in reality the task status can be CTasks::STATE_NEW, and when reading, we will receive CTasks::METASTATE_EXPIRED (for expired task).
If we want to find out true status of task, the REAL_STATUS field must be read.
RESPONSIBLE_NAME Name of responsible user. +++
RESPONSIBLE_LAST_NAME Last name of responsible user. +++
RESPONSIBLE_SECOND_NAME Middle name of responsible user. +++
DATE_START Task execution start date. +++
DURATION_FACT Elapsed time spent for a task (in minutes). +++
DURATION_PLAN Planned duration in hours or days. ++++
DURATION_TYPE Type of unit of measurement in the planned duration: days or hours. ++++
CREATED_BY_NAME Name of taks creator. +++
CREATED_BY_LAST_NAME Last name of task creator. +++
CREATED_BY_SECOND_NAME Middle name of task creator. +++
CREATED_DATE Date when task was created. +++
CHANGED_BY User, who modified the task the last time (user ID). +++
CHANGED_DATE Date of the last modification of task. +++
STATUS_CHANGED_BY User who modified the task status (user ID). +++
STATUS_CHANGED_DATE Date of status change. +++
CLOSED_BY User, who completed the task. +++
CLOSED_DATE Date when task was completed. +++
GUID Global unique identifier. With the acceptable level of confidence, this identifier will never be used unintentionally for anything else even in other databases. +++
MARK Task evaluation (possible values: P (positive) and N (negative)). ++++
VIEWED_DATE Data when the task was last viewed in the public interface by the current user (who made a request to receive task data). +++
TIME_SPENT_IN_LOGS Elapsed time for the task (in seconds). ++
FAVORITE Available in favorites for the curent user. ++
ALLOW_TIME_TRACKING Flag that enables task time tracking. + + ++
ADD_IN_REPORT Flag that adds task to the report. + + ++
FORUM_ID Forum ID, where comments to a task are stored. + + ++
FORUM_TOPIC_ID Forum topic ID, where comments to a task are stored. + + ++
COMMENTS_COUNT Number of comments to a task. + ++
SITE_ID Site ID. By default, site ID on which the task is created is written to this field. + +++
SUBORDINATE Flag that signifies that any of the task participants is a subordinate of the current user. + ++
FORKED_BY_TEMPLATE_ID Template ID on the basis of which the task was created. If cannot be specified for some old tasks. + ++
MATCH_WORK_TIME Flag, which shows that completion dates and the deadline shall be always specified within working hours. ++++

Note: Writing and modifying field data are performed according to a business-logic and available user rights. That is, they depend on a user role, settings for workgroup rights, hierarchy and certain flags (for example ALLOW_CHANGE_DEADLINE), as well as task status.

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