$propertyFilter = array(),
 $options = array()

The method gets values of property elements for single component iblock. It is strictly recommended as replacement for the following code

$iterator = CIBlockElement::GetList();
while ($obj = $iterator->GetNextElement())
  $properties = $obj->GetProperties();
to improve performance.

Function parameters

Parameter Description
result Array of results, must contain element IDs as keys. The array is passed via link. Returns array of property values for each element.
iblockID Iblock ID (SINGLE value)
filter Filter CIBlockElement::GetList for selecting elements. No need to specify the IBLOCK_ID key - it will be added within the method.
propertyFilter Filter for selection of properties. Optional. Can contain 3 keys: an ID - array of returned property IDs or a CODE - array of symbolic property codes. Only ID is specified when indicating both keys. Third key - filter for property activity. If now specified - only active properties are printed
options Additional settings. Optional. Possible keys:
USE_PROPERTY_ID = Y - property IDs are used as value array keys for each element. Otherwise - use symbolic codes.
PROPERTY_FIELDS - array of PROPERTY fields, returned as the result.
GET_RAW_DATA => Y - in this case, the returned data won't contain keys stating with ~, and the rest of won't be converted to HTML safe format.

Returned value

Returned value - none.


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