The Commercial Catalog module is an add-on to the Information Blocks module. It cannot be used stand-alone.

The Commercial Catalog module uses facilities of the Information Blocks module to build and maintain product properties and the tree of groups. An element of an information block that is used as a commercial catalog is enriched with additional records describing properties specific to a product (weight, quantity in stock etc.). The methods of the class CCatalogProduct are used to add such properties to an information block element.

The Commercial Catalog module exports the following PHP classes.


CCatalog Contains methods used to disable or enable the catalog function of an information block.
CCatalogGroup Class that is used to manage price types of the commercial catalog.
CExtra This class handles extras and discounts to the base price.
CPrice Allows to create and maintain your prices (price offers).
CCatalogProduct Class used to control product properties, i.e. ones that relate to a product as such (weight, quantity etc.).
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