CCatalogDiscountCoupon class for handling discount coupons.

Class methods

Adds a coupon code into the array of available discount coupons for current user.
Method Description Available from version
Add Adds coupon for selected discount.
CheckFields Checks coupon information before adding or updating.
ClearCoupon Clears array with coupons, displayed by current buyer.
Delete Deletes a coupon.
DeleteByDiscountID Deletes all coupons for selected discount.
GetByID Returns coupon information by its code (ID).
GetList Selects coupons matching to conditions.
IsExistCoupon Checks for existing coupon.
GetCoupons Returns array with coupons available for getting a discount for current user.
GetCoupontTypes Returns array of coupon types available at the site.
Update Updates coupon information.

Class constants

Constant Value Description Available from version
TYPE_ONE_TIME Y Coupon for a single order item.
TYPE_ONE_ORDER O Coupon for a single order.
TYPE_NO_LIMIT N Multiple use coupon.

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