Enable work with the PHP class CTaskItem. ctaskitem may also be used instead of item.
Method Description
task.item.getmanifest Show list of methods.
task.item.add Create new task.
task.item.getdata Return task data array.
task.item.update Update task information.
task.item.delete Delete task.
task.item.getdescription Return task description.
task.item.getfiles Return array of links to files attached to the task.
task.item.getdependson Return array of parent task IDs.
task.item.getallowedactions Return array of IDs of allowed task actions.
task.item.getallowedtaskactionsasstrings Return array whose keys are action names and values show whether action is allowed.
task.item.isactionallowed Assert whether action is allowed.
task.item.delegate Delegate task to new user.
task.item.startexecution Change task status to "In Progress".
task.item.defer Change task status to "Deferred".
task.item.complete Change task status to "Completed" or "Supposedly completed (requires creator's attention)".
task.item.renew Change task status to "Pending".
task.item.approve Change status of task, waiting for confirmation to "Completed".
task.item.disapprove Change status of task, waiting for confirmation to "Pending".

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