List of fields

Available fields

Name Description Read Write* Sorting Filtration
TITLE Task name. ++++
DESCRIPTION Task description. ++
DEADLINE Deadline. +++
START_DATE_PLAN Planned start date. ++++
END_DATE_PLAN Planned end date. +++
PRIORITY Priority. ++++
ACCOMPLICES Participants (user IDs). ++
ACCOMPLICE Participants (filtration field). +
AUDITORS Observers (user IDs). ++
AUDITOR Observers (filtration field). +
TAGS Tags (when adding - just an array with tags in text form).
CTasks::GetList() doesn't return tag fields. CTaskItem::getInstance()->getTags() returns array with tag names.
TAG Теги (fields used for filtration). +
ALLOW_CHANGE_DEADLINE Flag "Responsible person may change deadline". +++
TASK_CONTROL Flag "Approve task when completed". ++
PARENT_ID Parent task ID. +++
DEPENDS_ON Previous task ID. +++
GROUP_ID Workgroup ID. ++++
RESPONSIBLE_ID Responsible person ID. ++++
TIME_ESTIMATE Estimated time required. ++++
ID Task ID. Unique within database. +++
CREATED_BY Creator ID. ++++
DESCRIPTION_IN_BBCODE Flag indicating that task description is stored using BB-codes. +
DECLINE_REASON Reason for declining task. ++
STATUS Task status. ++++
RESPONSIBLE_NAME Responsible person name. ++
RESPONSIBLE_LAST_NAME Responsible person last name. +
RESPONSIBLE_SECOND_NAME Responsible person middle name. +
DATE_START Date when task starts. +++
DURATION_FACT Task duration (in minutes). +
DURATION_PLAN Planned duration in hours or days. ++
DURATION_TYPE Type of unit of measurements in planned duration: days, hours or minutes. ++
CREATED_BY_NAME Creator name. +
CREATED_BY_LAST_NAME Creator last name. +
CREATED_BY_SECOND_NAME Creator middle name. +
CREATED_DATE Date task created. ++++
CHANGED_BY User who modified the task most recently (user ID). +++
CHANGED_DATE Date of the latest task update. ++++
STATUS_CHANGED_BY User who updated task status (user ID). +++
STATUS_CHANGED_DATE Date when status was updated. ++
CLOSED_BY Who closed the task. +
CLOSED_DATE Date when task was closed. +++
GUID Globally unique ID. With acceptable level of confidence, this identifier never wasn't intentionally used for something else in other databases. ++
MARK Task rating (possible values - P (positive) and N (negative)). ++++
VIEWED_DATE Date of the last task view in public interface by current user (on behalf of which task data is requested). +
TIME_SPENT_IN_LOGS Time spent on a task (in seconds). +
FAVORITE Included into favorites for current user. +++
ALLOW_TIME_TRACKING Flag for enabling task time tracking. + + ++
ADD_IN_REPORT Flag for adding task into effectiveness report. + + +
FORUM_ID Forum ID In this context, form is a technical placeholder term. The forum feature isn't used anywhere in the bitrix24 account. , that stores task comments. +
FORUM_TOPIC_ID Forum topic ID In this context, form is a technical placeholder term. The forum feature isn't used anywhere in the bitrix24 account. Task comments are stored in the forum topic. , that stores comments to task. + +
COMMENTS_COUNT Number of task comments. +
SITE_ID Site ID. By default, this field writes site ID with created task. + ++
SUBORDINATE Flag that shows if some of task participants is subordinate to current user. +
FORKED_BY_TEMPLATE_ID Template ID used for automatically created task. May not be indicated for some old tasks. +
MULTITASK Flag, indicates task created for several responsible responsible users. +
ONLY_ROOT_TASKS Field, allowing to select only the tasks either without parent task or when you don't have access to such parent task. +
MATCH_WORK_TIME Flag indicating that execution date and deadline must always be set during working hours. ++++

Note: these fields are related to methods task.item.*.

Also, filtering and sorting by custom user fields is available, specifically:

Name Description Read Write*
UF_TASK_WEBDAV_FILES List of identifiers, assigned to file tasks. ++

Note: Writing and updating fields are performed according to business logic and available user permissions, i. e. it depends on the user's role, group access permissions, hierarchy, several flags specified in task (for example, ALLOW_CHANGE_DEADLINE), tasks status.

Date/time fields that are read/written in ISO 8601 format


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