Returns a list of entries about elapsed time for a task.

Method Parameters

TASKID Task identifier. Required parameter.
ORDER Array for result sorting. Sorting field may take the following values:
  • ID identifier of the entry about elapsed time;
  • USER_ID identifier of the user on whose behalf the entry about the elapsed time was made;
  • MINUTES elapsed time, minutes;
  • SECONDS elapsed time, seconds ;
  • CREATED_DATE entry creation date;
  • DATE_START start date;
  • DATE_STOP end date.
Sorting direction can take the following values:
  • asc ascending;
  • desc descending;
Optional. By default it is filtered by descending of the entry elapsed time identifier.
FILTER Array of the time {"filtered_field": "filter value" [, ...]}. Filtered field can take the following values:
  • ID comment identifier;
  • USER_ID identifier of the user on whose behalf the entry about the elapsed time was made;
  • CREATED_DATE entry creation date.
Filtration type may be indicated before the name of the field to be filtered:
  • "!" not equal;
  • "<" less;
  • "<=" less or equal;
  • ">" more;
  • ">=" more or equal.
filter values - a single value or an array.

Optional. By default entries are not filtered.

Attention! Compliance to parameter sequence in the request is mandatory. If sequence is not observed, the request will be completed with errors.


// Obtaining all entries about elapsed time with sorting by descending ID.
// Only entries with fewer than 50 IDs will be filtered.

   [1, {'ID': 'desc'}, {'<ID': 50}],

Retrieving selection by the time spent based on the general filter conditions. For example, select data. on working hours at the specified date:

  [{'ID': 'desc'}, {'>=CREATED_DATE': '2018-02-16'}],

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