Search format

Such blocks contain a form with search string and a button for submitting data to the search result page.

Minimal requirements for this block to be operational:

  1. Available tag <form>, query input string <input>, data submit button.
  2. Available attribute for selector <form>.
       'attrs' => [
          '.landing-block-node-form' => [
             'name' => 'Search result page',
             'attribute' => 'action',
             'type' => 'url',
             'allowedTypes' => [
             'disableCustomURL' => true,
             'disallowType' => true,
             'disableBlocks' => true
  3. Optionally, subtype and subtype_params can be added to the blocks description. In this case the attribute Search result page (see para. 2) will include the landing page when a block is added (for user convenience):
    'block' => [
       'name' => Loc::getMessage('LANDING_BLOCK_59_2-NAME'),
       'section' => array('sidebar', 'other'),
       'subtype' => 'search',
       'subtype_params' => [
          'type' => 'form',
          'resultPage' => 'result'

    Where result is ID for search results page template. When such page is found at the site, it is be added automatically.

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