The method allows to select resource booking.

Returned values

Returns data on each booking. The bookings have identical fields, being essentially, other events.


* filterFilter fields.
* - required parameters


First variant: to evaluate the booking (occupancy) for specific resources during a period. It can be used to create a view of occupancy.

BX24.callMethod("", {
   filter: {
       resourceTypeIdList: [10852, 10888, 10873, 10871, 10853] // passes list of resource ID which can be selected by the method calendar.resource.list
       from: '2018-06-20',
       to: '2018-08-20',

Second variant: to select bookings by IDs (the value of UF-field "UF_*" mask - to select all user fields (without multi selection fields) , binded to CRM entity).

BX24.callMethod("", {
   filter: {
       resourceIdList: [10, 18, 17] // these IDs are taken from the resourcebooking UF field via CRM entities LEAD|DEAL

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