Edits existing event.

Returned value

Returns edited event ID.


Parameter Description
* id Event ID.
* type Calendar type.
* ownerId Calendar owner ID.
from Selection start date.
to Selection end date.
from_ts May be set instead of from.
to_ts May be set instead of to.
* section Section ID.
* name Event name.
skip_time [Y|N] Date value does not include time.
timezone_from Timezone for event start date and time. Default value - current user timezone.
timezone_to Timezone for event end date and time. Default value - current user timezone.
description Event description.
color Event background color.
text_color Event text color.
accessibility Availability during event:
  • busy (occupied);
  • absent (away);
  • quest (undecided);
  • free (free).
importance Event priority:
  • high;
  • normal;
  • low.
private_event [Y|N] Private event.
rrule Event recurrence.
is_meeting [Y|N] Meeting with attendees.
location Location.
remind Event reminder:
  • type - time reminder (min, hour, day);
  • count - duration numeric value.
attendees List of event attendees (when is_meeting == "Y").
host Event host (owner).
meeting Parameter array, including the following:
  • text - invitation text;
  • open - public meeting mark;
  • notify - flag to notify when attendees confirm or decline an invitation;
  • reinvite - flag to request that users re-confirm attendance (when editing the event).
* - required parameters


	  		id: 699
	 		type: 'user',
	 	 	ownerId: '2',
	  		name: 'Changed Event Name',
	  		description: 'New description for event',
	  		from: '2013-06-17',
	  		to: '2013-06-17',
	  		skipTime: 'Y',
	  		section: 5,
	  		color: '#9cbe1c',
	  		text_color: '#283033',
	  		accessibility: 'free',
	  		importance: 'normal',
	  		is_meeting: 'N',
	  		private_event: 'Y',
	  		remind: [{type: 'min', count: 10}]

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