Calendar Grid View

Placements of CALENDAR_GRIDVIEW allows to customize calendar view (from the top - day/week/month/list).


The app can be binded to calendar view as follows:

 BX24.callMethod('placement.bind', {
   HANDLER: '',
   TITLE: 'Custom tab'
}, (result) => {console.log(result)});

Call inside the app

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

... and it receives the specific parameters, as follows:


Also, placement has a specific interface for methods and events.

Methods (JS methods)

Method Description
Gets events
var dateFrom = new Date();
var dateTo = new Date(dateFrom.getTime() + 86400 * 30);
dateFrom.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);
dateTo.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);'getEvents', {
   dateFrom: dateFrom,
   dateTo: dateTo
   }, function(events)
   console.log('getEvents responce:');
View event (open event detail view)'viewEvent', {
       id: "1431170", - event id
       dateFrom: "11.07.2018" - date of event (optional, but important for regular events)
Adds new event (open details)'addEvent', function(){});
Edits event (open details)'editEvent', {uid: "1431171|19.07.2018"}, function(){});
Deletes events'deleteEvent',
   id: "1431169"

Events that can be traced in placement

Events Description
Calendar.customView:refreshEntries Updates events.
Calendar.customView:decreaseViewRangeDate Click backspace pointer, i. e. move backwards the calendar to previous dates (which specifically - can be decided by the placement's author).
Calendar.customView:increaseViewRangeDate Click forward pointer, i. e.move forward the calendar to next dates (which specifically - can be decided by the placement's author).
Calendar.customView:adjustToDate Switches to specific date (it is passed in the parameter).

Additional information

Application Embedding (REST).

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