This method is used to retrieve list of users with expedited personal data search (name, last name, middle name, name of department, position). Works in two modes: Quick mode, via Fulltext Index and slower mode via right LIKE USER_NAME LIKE "Text%". It is called "right like", when the search is performed only via text search, which starts from a specified phrase, but can contain different endings - such search is considerably faster than with the two-way like "%text%" or left-sided "%text" - due to storage architecture of indexed fields in the Database (support is determined automatically).


Parameter Description Available from version
fields Array can contain fields in any combination:
  • NAME - name
  • LAST_NAME - last name
  • SECOND_NAME - middle name
  • WORK_POSITION - position
  • UF_DEPARTMENT_NAME - name of department
  • USER_TYPE - user type. Can have the following values:
    employee - employee,
    extranet - extranet user,
    email - user of email
Or FIND - the field that will search in all listed fields (It is equivalent to the mode of an old CUser::GetList where, the filter NAME_SEARCH can be specified and result received)

This method inherits the behaviour of the user.get method: all parameters from this function are available as well.



  "result": [
      "ID": "2",
      "ACTIVE": true,
      "EMAIL": "",
      "NAME": "Maria",
      "LAST_NAME": "MacMaster",
      "SECOND_NAME": "",
      "PERSONAL_WWW": "",
      "PERSONAL_BIRTHDAY": "1984-04-29T02:00:00+04:00",
      "PERSONAL_PHOTO": "http://www.hazz/upload/main/982/42-17082203.gif",
      "PERSONAL_ICQ": "431-874-61",
      "PERSONAL_PHONE": "",
      "PERSONAL_FAX": "",
      "PERSONAL_MOBILE": "",
      "PERSONAL_PAGER": "",
      "PERSONAL_STREET": "",
      "PERSONAL_CITY": "",
      "PERSONAL_STATE": "",
      "PERSONAL_ZIP": "",
      "PERSONAL_COUNTRY": "0",
      "WORK_COMPANY": "",
      "WORK_POSITION": "IT-\"specialist\"",
      "WORK_PHONE": "+7 495 188 46 29",
      "UF_DEPARTMENT": [
      "UF_INTERESTS": null,
      "UF_SKILLS": null,
      "UF_WEB_SITES": null,
      "UF_XING": null,
      "UF_LINKEDIN": null,
      "UF_FACEBOOK": null,
      "UF_TWITTER": null,
      "UF_SKYPE": null,
      "UF_DISTRICT": null,
      "UF_PHONE_INNER": "4629"
  "total": 1

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