Retrieves filtered list of users. This method will return all users, except: bots, users for e-mail and users for Open Channels.


sortfield, by which the results are sorted
order sorting direction
  • ASC - by ascension.
  • DESC - by descension
FILTERAdditionally, any parameters from user.fields can be specified for filtering by their values. Aside from main fields, the following additional fields are available:
  • UF_DEPARTMENT - membership in company structure;
  • UF_PHONE_INNER - internal phone number;
  • IS_ONLINE - Y/N - allows to show only authorized or non-authorized users.
  • NAME_SEARCH - quick search by personal data.
  • USER_TYPE - user type. Can have the following values:
    employee - employee,
    extranet - extranet user,
    email - user of email

Filtration parameters can assume values of arrays.

ADMIN_MODEKey, enabling the admin mode. Designed to retrieve data about any users.


BX24.callMethod('user.get', {"ID": 1});




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