Customizing your e-Store

The e-Store settings page (e-Store -> e-Store settings) presents quick shortcuts to customizing parameters, settings and operations of your e-shop. This page contains links to forms in which you can configure parameters of the e-Store for its proper operation.


The Delivery services form is used to create, delete and configure delivery services.

Payment systems

The Payment systems form is used to add payment systems and edit their parameters.

Payer types

The Payer types form is used to add, edit or delete different types of payers who can order products and services on the site. Each payer type has own set of properties (fields) which a payer ought to fill in when placing an order. Additionally, payer type has a private set of payment system processors which can be used to pay orders.

Order properties

The Order properties form is used to define order properties (fields) that a customer has to fill in when placing orders. Properties depend on the payer type chosen by a customer.

Groups of properties

The Groups of properties form is used to manage groups of order properties. Grouping is used to define the layout of the order form, for better usability. Property groups depend on the payer type chosen by a customer.


The Locations form helps manage locations which will further be used by customers to select the location to deliver the ordered products to. The selected location will be used as a reference point to display available delivery services and calculate delivery cost. Location is a part of an actual shipment address.

Groups of locations

The Groups of locations form is used to classify locations. It facilitates managing delivery services.


The Order statuses form is used to define the required order statuses. Order statuses serve to inform customers and the e-store staff about the current order state.


The Taxes form serves to define taxes used in calculations.

Tax rates

The Tax rates form is used to define tax rates, depending on the customer location and payer type.

Exemption from taxes

The Tax exemption form is used to define tax-exempt customers.
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