E-store module classes

The following PHP classes are used in the E-store module.


ClassDescriptionAvailable from versionEquivalent in D7
CSaleAuxiliary Helps provide temporary access to the system resources.
CSaleBasket Handles customer shopping cart. Deprecated since 15.5.0
CSaleDelivery Handles delivery services (methods). Deprecated since 15.5.0\Bitrix\Sale\Delivery\Services\Manager
CSaleDeliveryHandler Handles automated delivery services. Deprecated since 15.5.0 \Bitrix\Sale\Delivery\Services\Manager
CSaleDiscount Handles discounts to order total.
CSaleLocation Handles locations.
CSaleLocationGroup Handles location groups.
CSaleOrder Handles orders. Deprecated since 15.5.0
CSaleOrderProps Handles order properties.
CSaleOrderPropsGroup Handles order property groups.
CSaleOrderPropsValue Handles order property values. Deprecated since 15.5.0
[link=90842]CSaleOrderPropsVariant[/link] Класс для работы с вариантами значений свойств заказов.
CSaleOrderTax Handles tax totals calculated for each order. Deprecated since 15.5.0
CSaleOrderUserProps Handles user profiles.
CSaleOrderUserPropsValue Handles order property values, saved in user profiles.
CSalePaySystem Handles payment systems. Deprecated since 16.0.2\Bitrix\Sale\PaySystem\Manager
CSalePaySystemAction Processes payment system handlers. Deprecated since 16.0.2 \Bitrix\Sale\PaySystem\Manager
CSalePersonType Handles payer types.
CSaleRecurring Handles recurring subscriptions.
CSaleStatus Handles order statuses.
CSaleTaxHandles taxes.
CSaleTaxRate Класс для работы со ставками налогов.
CSaleUser Handles users.
CSaleUserAccount Handles customer internal invoices.
CSaleUserCards Handles payment cards.
CSaleUserTransact Handles payment transactions.

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