Creating and editing a discount

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    Button Description
    Discounts Opens a list of discounts.
    Add a new discount Creates a new discount in this form.
    Delete Deletes the current discount.

    Form fields

    Field Description
    ID The discount ID.
    *Site The site on which the discount is active. Different sites use different discounts.
    Applicable to orders The range of the order amounts (without delivery costs) for which the discount is offered. You can define only one bound (for example, if the From field is set to 100, and the To field is empty or contains zero, the discount is offered to orders whose amount is more than or equal to 100).
    *Discount value The discount value. Discounts can be specified as relative values (percentage), or as fixed amounts which depend on the selection in the drop-down list beside the discount value field. If "%" is selected, the value is the percentage off the order price. Otherwise, the discount is an absolute value specified in the currency selected for the range.
    Active Indicates whether the discount is currently active or not. Inactive discounts are not offered to customers.
    Sort index Sort order; defines how the discounts are positioned in lists.

    * - Required fields.


    Button Description
    Save Saves changes and opens the list of discounts.
    Apply Applies changes and stays in this form.
    Cancel Cancels recent changes, reverts parameters to their original values and opens the list of discounts.
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