array arFields

The method Add adds a new subscription renewal with parameters passed in arFields.


arFields Associated array containing parameters of the new subscription renewal. The following keys are possible:
  • USER_ID - the user ID;
  • MODULE - the module whose product is to be renewed;
  • PRODUCT_ID - the ID of the product to be renewed;
  • PRODUCT_NAME - the name of the product to be renewed;
  • PRODUCT_URL - the reference to the product to be renewed;
  • RECUR_SCHEME_TYPE - type of the paid subscription validity period;
  • RECUR_SCHEME_LENGTH - length of the paid subscription validity period;
  • WITHOUT_ORDER - flag: without ordering;
  • ORDER_ID - the ID of the base renewal order;
  • CANCELED - flag: renewal is cancelled;
  • DESCRIPTION - the description;
  • CALLBACK_FUNC - the callback function used to update the renewal parameters;
  • REMAINING_ATTEMPTS - number of attempts left to accomplish the renewal;
  • SUCCESS_PAYMENT - the renewal was successful;
  • CANCELED_REASON - reason of cancellation;
  • DATE_CANCELED - the date of cancellation;
  • PRIOR_DATE - the date of the last renewal;
  • NEXT_DATE - the date of the next renewal.

Returned values

The method returns the ID of the added record on success, or false otherwise.

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