array arGroups,
 int   blogID,
 int   postID = 0,
 int   permsType = BLOG_PERMS_POST,
 int   selectType = BLOG_BY_BLOG_USER_ID,

The method returns access permission level of a blog user for permsType, associated with the arGroups groups, for the postID message of the blog with ID. Static method.

Method parameters

arGroups Array of the blog user groups or a user ID. If the user ID is specified, the method autonomously will get blog user groups.
blogID Blog ID.
postID Blog post ID.
Optional. By default 0 - returns access permission level by default.
permsType Type of access permission. Possible values:
  • BLOG_PERMS_POST - access permission for blog posts;
  • BLOG_PERMS_COMMENT - access permission for comments.
Optional. By default, BLOG_PERMS_POST - access permission level for blog posts.
selectType Contains the ID of the user to be searched. Only used when user ID is passed as the first parameter. Possible values:
  • BLOG_BY_USER_ID - by the site user ID;
  • BLOG_BY_BLOG_USER_ID - by the blog user ID.
    Optional. By default BLOG_BY_BLOG_USER_ID - by the blog user ID.
  • Returned value

    The method returns access permission level for the user.

    See Also

    Examples of use

    // retrieve access permission level to posts of the blog with the ID 2
    $blogID = 2;
    $arUserGroups = CBlogUser::GetUserGroups($userID, $blogID, "Y", BLOG_BY_USER_ID);
    $perms = CBlogUser::GetUserPerms(arUserGroups, $blogID, 0, BLOG_PERMS_POST);
    echo "You have the following access permission for the blog posts: ".$perms;

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