Method returns list of groups.


Parameter Description Available from version
filter Corresponds to parameter arFilter for the method API CSocNetGroup::getList.
select Array, specifying selected fields. Contains list of fields to be returned by the method. If an array is empty, selects the following fields: ID, SITE_ID, NAME, DESCRIPTION, DATE_CREATE, DATE_UPDATE, DATE_ACTIVITY, ACTIVE, VISIBLE, OPENED, CLOSED, SUBJECT_ID, OWNER_ID, KEYWORDS, IMAGE_ID, NUMBER_OF_MEMBERS, INITIATE_PERMS, SPAM_PERMS, SUBJECT_NAME. Array can have any permissible fields from list of fields.

Example'socialnetwork.api.workgroup.list', {
    filter: {
        ID: 424
    select: [ 'ID', 'NAME' ]
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