The method returns fields for shipment item table.

Returned fields:

Field Description
idShipment ID.
orderIdOrder ID.
paidOrder payment status.
datePaidDate when order is paid.
empPaidIdUser ID, who for order.
paySystemIdPayment system ID.
psStatusData, received from payment system: transaction status.
psStatusCodeData, received from payment system: transaction code.
psInvoiceIdPayment ID within payment system.
psStatusDescriptionData, received from payment system: transaction description.
psStatusMessageData, received from payment system: transaction message.
psSumData, received from payment system: transaction amount.
psCurrencyData, received from payment system: currency.
psResponseDateData, received from payment system: response date from payment system.
payVoucherNumNumber of payment document.
payVoucherDateDate of payment document.
datePayBeforeDate before which invoice must be paid (not used in the online store).
dateBillBilling date.
xmlIdExternal identifier.
sumTotal amount.
priceCodPrice upon delivery (for example, for COD terms).
paySystemNameName of payment system.
responsibleIdUser ID, responsible for payment.
empResponsibleId User ID, who assigned a responsible user.
dateResponsibleIdDate when responsible user is assigned.
commentscomment to payment.
companyIdCompany ID that will receive payment.
payReturnNumNumber of returns document.
payReturnDate Date of returns document.
empReturnIdUser ID, performed the returns.
payReturnCommentComment to returns.
isReturnWhether returns was performed.
markedWhether payment is marked.
dateMarkedDate when marked.
empMarkedIdWho marked the payment.
reasonMarkedReason for marking.
updated1cWhether updated via 1С.
id1cID in 1С.
version1cPayment document version from 1C.
externalPaymentFlag Y/N: external payment or no.
statusIdShipment status.
basePriceDeliveryBase delivery status.
priceDeliveryDelivery cost.
customPriceDeliveryFlag, specifies custom price.
discountPriceFinal discount price/extra charge for delivery.
allowDeliveryFlag, allows delivery: Y/N.
dateAllowDeliveryDate when delivery is allowed.
empAllowDeliveryIdUser ID, who permitted delivery.
deductedFlag, set for delivery: Y/N.
dateDeductedDate of shipment.
empDeductedIdUser ID, who dispatched shipment.
reasonUndoDeductedReason for shipment cancellation.
deliveryIdDelivery service ID.
deliveryDocNumNumber of shipping document.
deliveryDocDateDate of shipping document.
trackingNumberTrack number.
trackingStatusTracking status.
trackingDescriptionTracking status description.
trackingLastCheckDate of last tracking status check.
xmlIdExternal ID.
deliveryNameName of delivery service.
canceledIf shipment is cancelled.
dateCanceledDate when shipment is cancelled.
empCanceledIdUser ID, who cancelled shipment.
markedIf shipment is marked.
dateMarkedDate when marked.
empMarkedIdUser ID, who marked the shipment.
reasonMarkedReason for marking.
systemFlag, specifies if the shipment is systemic or not.
responsibleIdUser ID, who is responsible for shipment.
empResponsibleIdUser ID, who assigned a responsible user.
dateResponsibleIdDate when a responsible user is assigned.
companyIdCompany ID that performs shipment.
updated1cWhether shipment is updated via 1С
id1cShipment ID in 1С.
version1cShipping document version in 1С.
externalDeliveryFlag Y/N: is delivery performed from external system or no.


No parameters.



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