The method returns payment fields.

Returned fields:

Field Description
idPayment ID.
orderIdOrder ID.
paidFlag for paid status: Y or N.
datePaidPayment date.
paySystemIdPayment system ID.
psStatusData, received from payment system: transaction status.
psStatusCodeData, received from payment system: transaction code.
psInvoiceIdPayment ID within payment system.
psStatusDescriptionData, received from payment system: transaction description.
psStatusMessageData, received from payment system: message.
psSumData, received from payment system: transaction amount.
psCurrencyData, received from payment system: currency.
psResponseDateData, received from payment system: date of response from payment system.
payVoucherNumNumber of payment document.
payVoucherDateDate of payment document.
datePayBeforeDate until invoice must be paid (not used in online store).
dateBillDate of billing.
xmlIdExternal ID.
sumPayment amount.
priceCodcash on delivery payment amount (for example, used for COD (collect on delivery) terms).
paySystemNamePayment system name.
responsibleIdUser ID, responsible for payment.
empResponsibleIdUser ID, who assigned a responsible user.
dateResponsibleIdDate when responsible use was assigned.
commentsComment for payment.
companyIdCompany ID, that will receive payment.
payReturnNumNumber of returns document.
payReturnDateDate of returns document.
empReturnIdUser ID who performed return.
payReturnCommentComment to return.
isReturnWas returned.
markedWas payment marked?
dateMarkedDate when marked.
empMarkedIdWho marked?
reasonMarkedReason for marking.
updated1cUpdated via 1С.
id1cIdentifier in 1С.
version1cPayment document version from 1С.
externalPaymentFlag Y/N: external payment.


No parameters.



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