Authentication for Mobile and Desktop Applications

A mobile or desktop application needs to listen on a specific localhost port. The listening method is implementation specific and irrelevant for the purpose of the present discussion. For example, an application may listen on the port 7000.

  • Register your application in Bitrix24.Market;
  • Create a new application version in Bitrix24.Market specifying the URL like http://localhost:7000;
  • Install the new version on a test instance of Bitrix24 Intranet by clicking Install on my Intranet in the version information page.
  • Using the browser, request keys from a remote server from (alternatively, you could add a key request control to your app):

  • The server redirects the browser to the application supplied URL:


    Once the data has been acquired, no browser interaction is required.

  • Next, the application has to send a HTTP request to:

    It is best to send the request without using the browser.

  • The server will respond with a JSON string containing data required to send further requests to the server.
    {"access_token":"REST service access key","expires_in":3600,"scope":"user","refresh_token":"authentication renew key","domain":"","member_id":"unique_intranet_ID"}

    Now your application can send requests to the REST service.

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