Utility Functions

Method Description
BX24.isAdmin Returns true if a current user has application management permission.
BX24.getLang Returns the language ID for a current account.
BX24.resizeWindow Changes the width and height of an application frame.
BX24.fitWindow Changes the width and height of an application frame so that it fits the frame contents.
BX24.reloadWindow Reloads a page that contains the application.
BX24.setTitle Sets the current page title.
BX24.ready Sets a callback function that will be called when the DOM is initialized.
BX24.isReady Returns true if the DOM for the current page has been initialized.
BX24.proxy Analogous to BX.proxy. Analogue to $.proxy, but with one difference: upon callback of function with the same parameters, returns the URL to the same proxy function, that resulted from the first call, and not a new proxy function.
BX24.proxyContext Returns a reference to the original execution context for the current proxy function.
BX24.bind Sets function func as an eventName event handler for a specified element event.
BX24.unbind Removes function func as the eventName event handler of the element object.
BX24.getDomain Returns for parent window, i. e. returns Bitrix24account URL.
BX24.getScrollSize Returns the application frame extent (that is, the maximum scroll values).
BX24.loadScript Loads and runs a client side JavaScript file. Calls an internal number. Calls a phone number. Opens messenger window. Opens history window.
BX24.openApplication Method opens the application.
BX24.closeApplication Method closes opened modal window with application.
BX24.scrollParentWindow Method scrolls the Parent window.

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