CRM vendors

Scope: catalog Permissions to execute: for all

Vendors are CRM entities used within the mechanism of associating/binding such entities to inventory objects/documents. Vendors are applicable only to stock receipts.

This feature can be used only in case when handling vendors using CRM. You can associate several vendor contacts (CRM Contacts) to a single inventory object/document and not more than a single vendor company (CRM Company).

This feature is available in catalog 23.0.0 and rest 23.100.0.

Methods for handling CRM vendors:

Method Description
catalog.documentcontractor.add Binds CRM entity (Contact/Company) to a document.
catalog.documentcontractor.delete Deletes a CRM entity binding (Contact/Company) to document by a binding ID.
catalog.documentcontractor.getFields Returns array with fields containing bindings to CRM vendors to inventory objects/documents.
catalog.documentcontractor.list Gets lust of CRM entity bindings to CRM entities (Contact/Company for inventory objects/documents by filter.

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