CSocNetUserRelations class is used to handle bindings between users.

Class methods

MethodDescriptionAvailable from version
DeleteDeletes a binding.
GetByIDReturns binding parameters.
UpdateModifies record parameters.
AddCreates new binding.
GetListReturns list of bindings.
GetByUserIDReturns binding parameters by user IDs.
GetRelatedUsersReturns all users minded with selected user.
GetRelationReturns binding between users.
IsFriendsChecks, if indicated user are friends.
IsFriends2Checks, if indicated users are friends of other friends.
SendRequestToBeFriendSends request to user asking to add to friends.
ConfirmRequestToBeFriendAccepts user request to add to friends.
RejectRequestToBeFriendRejects user request to add to friends.
DeleteRelationDeletes binding between users.
BanUserIncludes user to blacklist.
[link=11077795]UnBanMember[/link]Removes user from blacklist.
SpeedFileExistsChecks if new friends requests exist.
GetListBirthdayReturns lit of friends, sorted by birthday.
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