utility apps

MethodDescriptionAvailable from version
BX.toggleAssigns value from list to the 'param' parameter.
BX.evalGlobalExecutes script in a global scope.
processHTMLHTML string parsing with js inserts.
BX.namespaceCreates a namespace in BX global scope.
BX.showWait/BX.closeWaitDisplays or hides the loading visualizer
BX.loadCSSLoads and applies CSS-file.
BX.loadScriptLoads and executes the script.
BX.utilCollection of utility functions.
 color // #fdf9e5 => {r=253, g=249, b=229}

Highlights numerical values of its color components in the color description in the #RRGGBB format.

Examples of use
Object { r=238, g=187, b=255}
BX.getCookieReturns the cookie value with the 'name'.
BX.setCookieSets up a cookie.
BX.RecorderClass to write and encode the sound.
BX.parseJSONReturns the passed string as JSON-object.

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