Catalog in the old core


List of classes for Catalog module in the core D7

ClassDescriptionAvailable from version
CCatalog Contains method for connecting/disconnecting iblock to Catalog module (i. e. for defining iblock as a catalog).
CCatalogDiscount Class for managing discounts.
CCatalogDiscountCoupon Class for handling discount coupons.
CCatalogExport Class for handling export profiles.
CCatalogGroup Class for managing catalog price types.
CCatalogIBlockParameters Class is used in the file .parameters.php for components of Iblocks and Catalog modules.
CCatalogImport Class for handling import profiles .
CCatalogProduct Class for managing product properties (parameters, weight, quantity in warehouse and etc.).
CCatalogProductGroups Used by content access sale feature. Manages information about client's granted access to specific groups and access period.
CCatalogSKU Service class for getting data of iblocks, operating in SKU mode.
CCatalogStore Class for handling discounts.
CCatalogStoreProduct Class for handling products available in warehouses.
CCatalogVat Class for handling VAT rates.
CExtra Class for handling extra charges that can be used for generating various price types derived from basic price.
CPrice Class for handling product prices ( e. g. with SKU).



List of functions for the Catalog module in the core D7

CatalogGetPriceTableEx Function for getting prices.

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