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Last Modified: 07.08.2020

SCOPE values for app's access permissions for various Bitrix24 entities. When you add a public solution in the partner's account or a local solution at your's specific Bitrix24, you indicate a list of required Bitrix24 modules needed for specific application to operate. It's easy to understand which SCOPES are required - see which methods are used by your application. 

For example, when your solution integrates Bitrix24 with external telephony service, and you use  telephony.externalcall.register and telephony.externalcall.finish, that add leads to CRM as well but without calling CRM methods directly, e. g.  crm.lead.add and crm.activity.add. In this case, you need SCOPE telephony and you don't need SCOPE crm

calendar Calendar
crm CRM
disk Drive
department Departments
entity Data Storage
im Notifications
imbot Chat bots
lists Lists
log Activity Stream
sonet_group Workgroups
task Tasks
telephony Telephony
call Telephony (initiating calls)
Scope includes the following methods:
voximplant.infocall.startwithsound voximplant.infocall.startwithtext
user Users
imopenlines Open Channels
placement Application embedding
messageservice Message Service
pay_system payment systems
landing Sites
userconsent User agreement

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