Handling Events

REST API inferface allows developer to specify handlers for server events.

Event handler is a URL to which the system sends a query after a user performs a requested action on the Intranet hosting the application. Because queries will be sent from Bitrix24 servers, any URL must be accessible for external GET/POST queries.

The handler receives the following data on input.

Query fields Description
event Specifies the event name.
data An array containing the event data. Depends on the event contents.
auth Contains the authentication information.

The handler:

  • can use the received authentication information to send requests to REST API;
  • can be installed only by a user having administrative privileges.

Note: when an event hander needs to query REST API to handle data, it's strongly recommended to use the passed authorization data specifically for this purpose instead of the data saved on the side of the app.

When installing a handler, the application can specify a user, whose credentials will be used by the event handler for authentication. By default, the event handler will be authenticated as a user whose actions triggered the event.

Notice: event handler is not called immediately after an event had occurred. It will be activated after some time which depends on a current server load.

To get a list of available events, use the REST method: events.

To install an event handler, use the event.bind method, or the JS library function: BX24.callBind.

To uninstall a previously set event handler, use the event.unbind method, or the JS library function: BX24.callUnbind.

To enable an application to access a specific event, a corresponding access permission has to be requested when registering an application version.

An application can install as many handlers for the same event as needed, provided that each of these handlers is installed for a different user. Furthermore, a handler may or may not be called which depends on the access permission of a user whose authorization is used to activate a handler.

The event names are case-insensitive.

Attention! When uninstalling an application or registering a new version, all the previous handlers are deleted.


Application installation event

  'event' => 'ONAPPINSTALL',
  'data' => array(
    'VERSION' => '1',
    'LANGUAGE_ID' => 'en',
  'ts' => '1466439714',
  'auth' => array(
    'access_token' => 's6p6eclrvim6da22ft9ch94ekreb52lv',
    'expires_in' => '3600',
    'scope' => 'entity,im',
    'domain' => '',
    'server_endpoint' => '',
    'status' => 'F',
    'client_endpoint' => '',
    'member_id' => 'a223c6b3710f85df22e9377d6c4f7553',
    'refresh_token' => '4s386p3q0tr8dy89xvmt96234v3dljg8',
    'application_token' => '51856fefc120afa4b628cc82d3935cce',

All REST Events

Event is Called Webhook support
Application events
OnAppInstall Event for installing an application
OnAppUpdate Event for updating an application.
OnAppUninstall Event for deleting an application
OnAppPayment Event for application payment
OnAppMethodConfirm Event is called when the account administrator permission allows to use methods, requiring confirmation
Bot platform events
OnImBotMessageAdd Event initiated when chatbot receives a message.
OnImBotMessageUpdate Event to update message by chatbot.
OnImBotMessageDelete Event to delete message by chatbot.
OnImBotJoinChat Event initiated when chatbot receives information that it has joined a chat (or private chat).
OnImBotDelete Event initiated when chatbot is deleted.
OnImCommandAdd Event initiated when chatbot receives a command.
CRM Events
onCrmInvoiceAddwhen creating an invoice Yes
onCrmInvoiceDelete when delving an invoiceYes
onCrmInvoiceSetStatus when modifying invoice statusYes
onCrmInvoiceUpdate when updating an invoice Yes
onCrmInvoiceUserFieldAddwhen adding an invoice user field Yes
onCrmInvoiceUserFieldUpdate when modifying an invoice user field Yes
onCrmInvoiceUserFieldDelete when deleting an invoice user field Yes
onCrmInvoiceUserFieldSetEnumValueswhen modifying set of values for the list-type user field within invoice Yes
onCrmInvoiceRecurringAddwhen creating new recurring invoiceYes
onCrmInvoiceRecurringUpdatewhen updating a recurring invoiceYes
onCrmInvoiceRecurringDeletewhen deleting a recurring invoiceYes
onCrmInvoiceRecurringExposewhen issuing new invoice based in recurring invoiceYes
onCrmProductAddwhen creating a product Yes
onCrmProductUpdate when updating a product Yes
onCrmProductDelete when deleting a product Yes
onCrmProductPropertyAddwhen creating a product property Yes
onCrmProductPropertyUpdate when updating a product propertyYes
onCrmProductPropertyDelete when deleting a product propertyYes
onCrmProductSectionAdd при добавлении раздела свойств товара Yes
onCrmProductSectionUpdate при изменении раздела свойств товара Yes
onCrmProductSectionDelete when deleting a product property section Yes
onCrmLeadAddwhen creating a lead Yes
onCrmLeadUpdate when updating a lead Yes
onCrmLeadDelete when deleting a lead Yes
onCrmLeadUserFieldAddwhen adding a user field Yes
onCrmLeadUserFieldUpdate when modifying a user field Yes
onCrmLeadUserFieldDelete when deleting a user field Yes
onCrmLeadUserFieldSetEnumValueswhen modifying set of values for list-type user field Yes
onCrmDealAddwhen crating a deal Yes
onCrmDealUpdate when updating a deal Yes
onCrmDealDelete when deleting a deal Yes
onCrmDealUserFieldAddwhen adding user field Yes
onCrmDealUserFieldUpdate when modifying user field Yes
onCrmDealUserFieldDelete when deleting user field Yes
onCrmDealUserFieldSetEnumValueswhen modifying set of values for the list-type use field Yes
onCrmDealRecurringAddцру creating new recurring deal Yes
onCrmDealRecurringUpdatewhen updating a recurring deal Yes
onCrmDealRecurringDeletewhen deleting a recurring deal Yes
onCrmDealRecurringExposewhen creating a new deal from a recurring deal Yes
onCrmCompanyAddwhen creating a company Yes
onCrmCompanyUpdate when updating a company Yes
onCrmCompanyDelete when deleting a company Yes
onCrmCompanyUserFieldAddwhen adding a company user field Yes
onCrmCompanyUserFieldUpdate when modifying a company user field Yes
onCrmCompanyUserFieldDelete when deleting a company user field Yes
onCrmCompanyUserFieldSetEnumValueswhen modifying set of values for the list-type company field Yes
onCrmContactAddwhen creating a contact Yes
onCrmContactUpdate when updated a contact Yes
onCrmContactDelete when deleting a contact Yes
onCrmContactUserFieldAddwhen adding a user fieldYes
onCrmContactUserFieldUpdate when modifying a contact user field Yes
onCrmContactUserFieldDelete when deleting a contact user field Yes
onCrmContactUserFieldSetEnumValueswhen modifying set of values for the list-type contact user field Yes
onCrmCurrencyAddwhen creating a currency Yes
onCrmCurrencyUpdate when updating a currency Yes
onCrmCurrencyDelete when deleting a currency Yes
onCrmActivityAddwhen creating an activity Yes
onCrmActivityUpdate when updating an activity Yes
onCrmActivityDelete when deleting an activity Yes
onCrmQuoteAddwhen creating a quoteYes
onCrmQuoteUpdate when updating a quote Yes
onCrmQuoteDelete when deleting a quoteYes
onCrmQuoteUserFieldAdd when adding a quote user field Yes
onCrmQuoteUserFieldDelete when deleting a quote user fieldYes
onCrmQuoteUserFieldUpdate when modifying a quote user fieldYes
onCrmQuoteUserFieldSetEnumValues when modifying set of values for the list-type user fieldYes
onCrmRequisiteAdd When adding a requisite Yes
onCrmRequisiteUpdate When modifying a requisite Yes
onCrmRequisiteDelete When deleting a requisite Yes
onCrmRequisiteUserFieldAddwhen adding a requisite user field Yes
onCrmRequisiteUserFieldUpdate when modifying a requisite user field Yes
onCrmRequisiteUserFieldDelete when deleting a requisite user field Yes
onCrmRequisiteUserFieldSetEnumValueswhen modifying set of values for the list-type user field Yes
onCrmBankDetailAdd when adding bank details Yes
onCrmBankDetailUpdate when updating bank details Yes
onCrmBankDetailDelete when deleting bank details Yes
[link=10171497]onCrmAddressRegister who adding an address Yes
onCrmAddressUnregister when deleting an address Yes
Measurement Units
onCrmMeasureAdd when adding a unit of measurement Yes
onCrmMeasureUpdate when updating a unit of measurement Yes
onCrmMeasureDelete when deleting a unit of measurement Yes
onCrmTimelineCommentAddwhen adding a new timeline comment Yes
onCrmTimelineCommentUpdatewhen updating a new timeline comment Yes
onCrmTimelineCommentDeletewhen deleting a new timeline comment Yes
Telephony Events
OnVoximplantCallInit when initializing a call (inbound or outbound).
OnVoximplantCallStart when starting telephone conversation (operator responds for inbound call and call recipient responds to outbound call).
OnVoximplantCallEnd when conversation ends (history entry).
OnExternalCallStart when user clicks on a phone number in CRM objects for an outbound call.Yes
OnExternalCallBackStart when filling out CRM callback form. Yes
Task Events
OnTaskAdd when adding a task.Yes
OnTaskUpdate when updating a task.Yes
OnTaskDelete when deleting a task.Yes
OnTaskCommentAdd when adding a task comment. Yes
OnTaskCommentUpdate when updating a task comment. Yes
OnTaskCommentDelete when deleting a task comment. Yes
User events
OnUserAdd When adding a user to Bitrix24. Yes
Calendar Events for External Messenger Connectors
OnImConnectorLineDelete Deletes Open Channel.
OnImConnectorMessageAdd New Open Channel message.
OnImConnectorMessageUpdate Open Channel message update.
OnImConnectorMessageDelete Deletes Open Channel message.
Calendar events
OnCalendarEntryAdd when adding an event. Yes
OnCalendarEntryUpdate when updating an event. Yes
OnCalendarEntryDelete when deleting an event.Yes
OnCalendarSectionAdd when adding a calendar section (see CALENDAR_SECTION_ID). Also is shown when adding a resource.Yes
OnCalendarSectionUpdate when updating a section/resource.Yes
OnCalendarSectionDelete when deleting section/resource.Yes

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