Document class must implement methods of IBPWorkflowDocument interface. This interface contains methods that are required for workflow to work with a document.

For workflow to be able to work with an object, it is necessary to select what would be the document, what would be a document type, which identifiers will the document and the document type will be having. Additionally, document class must be implemented as per the IBPWorkflowDocument interface.

The document and the document type are defined by their identifiers, which have the form of a three-elements tuple: module code, document class name and a piece of code (as a rule, element code). For details, see the Document article.


NameDescriptionAvailable from version
CanUserOperateDocumentVerifies permission rights to complete operations with the specified document.
CanUserOperateDocumentTypeVerifies permission rights to complete operations with the documents of specified type
CreateDocumentCreates new document with specified properties (fields) and returns its code.
DeleteDocumentDeletes a specified document.
GetAllowableOperationsThis method for the document type returns an array of accessible operations.
GetAllowableUserGroupsThis method is designed for the document type is to be used to return an array of accessible user groups.
GetDocumentThis method returns properties (fields) of the document in the form of an associative array.
GetDocumentAdminPageThis method designed for the document code and returns a link to a document page in the administrative section.
GetDocumentFieldsThis method returns an array of properties (fields), that the document of this type has.
GetDocumentForHistoryThis method returns an array of arbitrary structure, containing all information about the document.
GetUsersFromUserGroupThis method returns users of specified group to an indicated document as an array of user codes.
IsDocumentLocked This method verifies whether the specified document is blocked or not for the indicated workflow.
LockDocumentThis method blocks the specified document for the indicated workflow.
PublishDocumentThis method publishes document, i. e. makes it accessible in a public section of site.
RecoverDocumentFromHistoryThis method restores the specified document from an array.
UnlockDocumentThis method blocks the specified document.
UnpublishDocumentThis method de-publishes the document, i. e. makes inaccessible in a public section of site.
UpdateDocumentThis method modifies properties (fields) of the specified document to the indicated values.

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