List of codes and types

Table of call codes (CALL_FAILED_CODE)

Code Description
200 Successful call.
304 Missed call.
603 Declined.
603-S Call cancelled.
404 Wrong number.
486 Busy.
484 This direction is unavailable.
503 This direction is unavailable.
480 Temporarily unavailable.
480 Account has insufficient funds.
402 Blocked.
Other Not defined.

Table of call types (CALL_TYPE)

Type Description
1 Outbound.
2 Inbound.
3 Inbound call with forwarding (for a mobile or landline phone).

Table of PBX types

Type Description
cloud Cloud PBX.
office Office PBX.

Table of SIP-registration statuses

Status Description
success Successful registration.
error Unsuccessful registration.
in_progress Registration in progress.
wait Awaiting registration to start.

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