CSearch Class

Class that handles site indexing and index search

Class methods

Method DescriptionAvailable from version
CSearch CSearch class constructor.
Search Returns index entries that satisfy the current query string and specified parameters and available for viewing for the current visitor (according to the visitor's access permission level)
ChangeIndex Method modifies indexed data of this module.
ChangePermission Method modifies access permissions to the indexed data of this module.
ChangeSite Method modifies association of the indexed data to sites.
DeleteIndex Method deletes specified data from the search index.
Index Method re-indexes a singular position (a post post, news item and etc.). The combination (MODULE_ID, ITEM_ID) is used to specify the re-indexed document.
ReindexModule Method initiates re-indexing of the specified module.
ReIndexAll Incremental re-indexing method.
ReIndexFile Static file re-indexing.
Fetch Returns the next element found.

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