Event is called Method Available from version
OnBeforeCurrencyAdd prior to adding of currency. [link=90132]CCurrency::Add[/link]
OnCurrencyAddif a new currency is added successfully. [link=90132]CCurrency::Add[/link]
OnBeforeCurrencyUpdate prior to upping an existing currency. CCurrency::Update
OnCurrencyUpdatewhen a currency is updated successfully. CCurrency::Update
OnBeforeCurrencyDeleteprior to deleting of currency. CCurrency::Delete
OnCurrencyDelete when an existing currency is deleted. CCurrency::Delete
CurrencyFormatwhen currency is formatted. CCurrencyLang::CurrencyFormat
OnBeforeCurrencyRateAddprior to adding a currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Add
OnCurrencyRateAddwhen a new currency rate is added successfully. CCurrencyRates::Add
OnBeforeCurrencyRateUpdate prior to updating an existing currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Update
OnCurrencyRateUpdate when a currency rate is successfully updated. CCurrencyRates::Update
OnBeforeCurrencyRateDelete prior to deleting a currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Delete
OnCurrencyRateDelete when deleting an existing currency rate. CCurrencyRates::Delete

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