Returns list of invoices.

Use the following masks for selection:

  • "*" - to select all fields (without user fields)
  • "UF_*"- to select all user fields.

The method crm.invoice.list does not return properties and invoice product items.

Use the method crm.invoice.get to get properties and product items.


See description of list method.

Parameter Description
filter Entry filter. All entries are passed by default, without filtering.
order Entry sorting. Sorting by the same filters as in the filter is supported.


The example below prints output to the console. If required to get the output differently, write your own formatting code to layout data returned by and result.error().

			"order": { "DATE_INSERT": "ASC" },
			"filter": { ">PRICE": 100 },

The method returns the fields listed in the table below

Field DescriptionTypeNotes
ID IdentifierintergerRead only
ACCOUNT_NUMBER NumberstringRequired
COMMENTS Manager commenttext
CREATED_BY Created by userintegerRead only
CURRENCY Currency IDcrm_currencyRead only
DATE_BILL Date when issueddate
DATE_INSERT Date when createddatetime
DATE_MARKED Date when declineddatetimeSpecified when invoice was declined
DATE_PAY_BEFORE Payment datedate
DATE_PAYED Date when invoice status becomes "paid"datetimeRead only
DATE_STATUS Date when status is changeddatetime
DATE_UPDATE Date when invoice is updateddatetimeRead only
EMP_PAYED_ID User ID who was the last to change invoice into "paid" statusintegerRead only
EMP_STATUS_ID User ID who was the last to change invoice statusintegerRead only
LID Site IDintegerRead only
IS_RECURRING Recurring invoice flag (When set to Y, it is not deal, but a template)char
XML_ID External codestring
ORDER_TOPIC TopicstringRequired
PAY_SYSTEM_ID Print form IDintegerRequired
PAY_VOUCHER_DATE Payment datedateSpecified when invoice is paid
PAY_VOUCHER_NUM Payment document numberstringSpecified when invoice is paid
PAYED Paid attributecharRead only
PERSON_TYPE_ID Payer type IDintegerRequired
PRICE TotaldoubleRead only
REASON_MARKED Status commentstringSpecified when invoice is paid or declined
RESPONSIBLE_EMAIL Responsible user e-mailstringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_ID Responsible user IDinteger
RESPONSIBLE_LAST_NAME Responsible user last namestringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_LOGIN Responsible user loginstringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_NAME Responsible user namestringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_PERSONAL_PHOTO Responsible user photo IDintegerRead only
RESPONSIBLE_SECOND_NAME Responsible user middle namestringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_WORK_POSITION Responsible user work positionstringRead only
TAX_VALUE Tax amountdoubleRead only
UF_COMPANY_ID Company IDintegerSpecified, when the payer is "Legal entity"
UF_CONTACT_ID Contact IDintegerSpecified, when the payer is "Private entity", or as the company contact person
UF_MYCOMPANY_ID User company IDintegerSpecified as the company with invoice details (binding to details is specified separately)
UF_DEAL_ID Binded deal IDinteger
UF_QUOTE_ID Binded quote IDinteger

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