array arSort,
  array arFilter

The method returns a list of ratings as an CDBResult object class. Static method.

Method parameters

Parameter Description
arSort Sorting order for the returned list, specified as an array. Fields for sorting serve as the keys in the array, and the values - ASC/DESC - sorting order. Available keys: ID, NAME, CREATED, LAST_MODIFIED, LAST_CALCULATED, ACTIVE, STATUS, CALCULATED, CALCULATION_METHOD, ENTITY_ID.
arFilter Array that sets the filter for the returned list. Fields name serve as the keys in the array, and the field values - are key values. Available fields: ID, ACTIVE, CALCULATED, NAME, ENTITY_ID

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Examples of use

$arRatings = array(); 
$rsRatings = CRatings::GetList( 
   array("ID" => "DESC"), 
   array("ACTIVE" => "Y")
while ($arRatingsTmp = $rsRatings->GetNext())
   $arRatings[$arRatingsTmp["ID"]] = $arRatingsTmp; 
echo '<pre>'.print_r($arRatings, true).'</pre>';

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