HtmlDocument class for handling HTML document.

Queries the following namespace:

Method Description Available from version
Constructor Class of HtmlDocument constructor.
checkMetadata Returns true when metadata is complete.
detectEncoding Document HTML encoding autodetection.
extractElementAttributes Parses HTML content for indicated element attributes and completes $destination by an array of detected attributes.
getExtraField Returns value for additional metadata field.
getHtml Returns full document HTML code.
getLinkHref Returns href attribute value for link element with specified rel attribute.
getMetaContent Returns content attribute value.
getMetadata Returns metadata, retrieved from page.
getTitle Returns document TITLE metadata.
getUri Returns document URL.
setDescription Sets DESCRIPTION metadata for document.
setEmbed Sets EMBED metadata for document, if permitted.
setEncoding Sets document HTML encoding.
setExtraField Sets additional metadata fields.
setImage Sets IMAGE metadata for document.
setTitle Sets TITLE metadata for document.

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