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Bitrix24 On-premise (Self-hosted) has two administrator roles available: Account and System administrators. The table below showcases access permission scope granted to each administrator. System administrator purview includes all Account administrator permissions plus extra options.

Note: Very often default access permissions of Account administrator are expanded. System administrator can use the table below for reference to pinpoint which permissions should be granted to an Account administrator to solve designated objectives.

Access permission distribution
Feature Account administrator System administrator
Product installation Complete feature set for installation, basic configuration, system migration.
System administration
Deleting demo data Using special data cleanup wizard.
Design template Designating a template. Creating a template.
Pages and sections
  • page content update;
  • component parameter setup;
  • viewing page visit statistics.
  • creating pages and sections;
  • modifying their properties;
  • modifying a menu;
  • working with portal structure;
  • managing access permissions for pages and sections;
  • file uploading;
Visual editor
  • permission to use editor in some modules (Webforms, Polls, Subscriptions, Wiki, Blogs).
  • enabling the use;
  • general setup;
  • limiting the use of available components;
  • hiding source code.
Managing interface
  • adding interface languages;
  • uploading language files.
Handling information blocks
  • editing information block settings;
  • configuring information block forms.
  • import and export of data to/from information blocks.
  • creating and managing types of information blocks and the information blocks themselves;
Managing users
  • Handling users.
  • configuring authorization conditions for new users;
  • creating and configuring groups of users;
  • user import.
Managing access permissions Managing access permissions to specific modules.
  • adding level of access permissions
  • managing access to modules;
  • managing access to files and folders;
Handling features
  • handling agents;
  • site checking operations.
  • viewing event log;
  • database optimization;
  • database checking;
  • working with PHP command line;
  • executing SQL database queries;
  • viewing PHP settings.
Other settings Caching settings
Module settings
Main module
Product core with SiteUpdate technology.
Settings viewing. Module settings.
AD/LDAP integration
Module to handle Active Directory and LDAP.
  • module setup;
  • server registration;
  • NTLM authorization setup.
Module allows creating CRM
  • module installation and setup;
  • module setup.
Support module for access to objects and collections.
Module settings.
Push and Pull
The module allows organizing transportation of instant notifications and messages to clients.
module parameter setup.
The module allows editing wiki pages on site.
Module setup.
XMPP server
The module allows using Jabber clients for communication inside corporate portal
  • server setup
  • server management;
Site document processing
  • creating file storage locations;
  • creating document libraries;
  • WebDav server operation checkup.
The module allows creating and handling workflows.
Information block setup to be handled in workflows mode. Workflow creation and setup.
The module allows to maintain site blogs.
  • module setup;
  • blogs managing.
Creating a public section.
Web Messenger
Instant messages and notifications module.
Module setup.
Web Services
The module allows organizing a system of web services and SOAP.
When module is not used, it can be deleted to reduce system load.
Web forms
The module organizes work with arbitrary web forms, allows storing and filtering data of filled forms.
  • module setup;
  • managing (creating, modifying) web forms in a simplified and expanded modes.
  • creating a web form template;
  • publishing a web form.
Video conferences
The module allows to carry out video conferences.
Setup of social network composite components.
  • module setup;
  • Video conference module setup;
  • TrueConf Server setup.
Workflow designer
The module allows designing, creating and modifying workflows.
No module settings available.
Document library
The module allows organizing incremental site document processing.
  • module settings;
  • creating statuses;
  • viewing documents in statues and history;
  • configuring information blocks processing.
Configuring access permissions for files and folders for user groups, participating in handling site document entities.
The module allows configuring tasks
Module installation and setup.
Data import from external sources.
The module contains tools for importing data into the system from external sources.
Activity Stream posting.
Intranet - corporate portal.
  • component setup;
  • information block setup;
  • adding elements.
  • creating public interface;
  • creating new information blocks for calendars;
  • module configuration.
Information blocks
The information blocks module allows manage and categorize various information: news, vacancies, list of products.
  • creating and managing types of information block types and the blocks themselves;
Event Calendar
The module allows viewing and managing calendars and events.
  • module installation;
  • module setup;
  • calendar types setup;
  • access permissions setup.
The module allows compressing site pages to expedite page upload time.
No module settings available.
Report Constructor
The module allows creating and generating reports
No module settings available.
Performance Monitor
The module allows monitoring site performance.
Evaluating setup of server equipment and software.
Remote learning module
Editing, deleting, creating, publishing and unpublishing courses, chapters and lessons. Complete course of module features.
Polls and surveys
The module allows organizing polling or voting system for site visitors.
Module setup and management of surveys and Publishing of polls and surveys in the public UI.
The module allows translating language files.
Required instructions on the use of Translation module can be found in the user documentation. The module can be deleted to reduce the system load.
Meetings and briefings
The module allows organizing meetings and briefings.
No available module settings.
The module allows organizing subscription lists.
Managing subscriptions.
Search module allows indexing and searching entries on site.
  • configuring information blocks for correct operation of search module.
  • permissions for indexing of information block.
Webmail module receives and filters emails.
Proactive Protection
The module allows managing proactive site protection.
Configuring and managing proactive protection.
Ads, banners
Module allows managing advertisement on site.
The ad module is practically not used in Bitrix24 Self-hosted. The module can be deleted to reduce load on the system.
Technical support
The module allows organizing site visitor feedback to technical support group.
Viewing tickets via admin section. All administrative features.

Portion of admin features connected directly with ticket processing is also available to user in Technical support group.

Social Network
The module allows creating a site social network.
All module features. Creating pages for components.
Social Services
The module allows integrating with external social networks and services.
Module setup.
Photo Gallery 2.0
The module allows organizing photo gallery at the site with multiple image upload.
  • configuring access to photo galleries via assignment of access permissions to photo gallery information blocks;
  • configuring a social network to use photo gallery;
Creating photo galleries.
The module for creating forums.
Managing forums. Module settings.
The module supports communication with external partners for company employees.
  • creating workgroup topics;
  • creating groups;
  • configuring widgets.
The module allows organizing various data from site's public section.
Module installation and settings.
Site Explorer
The module allows managing data content, site(-s) structure, menu and access permissions.
Module settings parameters, visual editor and media library.
Working Time Management
The Working Time Management module
  • configuring parameters for workday of all company;
  • configuring subordination parameters and working time editing.


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