int OrderID,
  int FUSER_ID = 0,
  string strLang = SITE_ID,
  array arDiscounts = False

The method OrderBasket attaches product items from the basket to the specified order. The method attaches those product items that are currently available and not saved for later purchase. This method is called at the time of ordering the basket products.


OrderID The ID of an order to which the products should be attached.
FUSER_ID The internal ID of the basket owner. If omitted (null) or if the current user is not granted write permission for the e-Store module, the current user internal ID is used instead.
strLang The site from which the basket is set to be ordered. If omitted, the current site is used.
arDiscounts Associated array containing the discount values. Each key in the array is the ID of a basket item record. The corresponding value is the value of discount. If omitted (set to false), discounts are not applied.


// Attach records of the current user basket to the order $ORDER_ID
// Set the discount to 5%

$arDiscounts = array();

$arRes = GetBasketList();
for ($i = 0; $i<count($arRes); $i++)
   if ($arRes[$i]["DELAY"]=="N" && $arRes[$i]["CAN_BUY"]=="Y")
      $curDiscount = roundEx(DoubleVal($arRes[$i]["PRICE"])*5/100, 2);
      $arDiscounts[IntVal($arRes[$i]["ID"])] = $curDiscount;

// Create order considering the discount value
 * * *
// $ORDER_ID contains the order ID

                         $_SESSION["SALE_USER_ID"], SITE_ID, $arDiscounts);
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