Class to write and encode sound.

Constructor parameters

Parameter Description
stream MediaStream object type. Stream, from which the sound will be recorded.
options Object with encoding parameters. Object fields: type - mime-type format into which the record must be encoded. List of available parameters can be retrieved by calling BX.Recorder.isTypeSupported.
Methods Description Available from version
BX.Recorder.isSupported Returns true, if the sound recording is supported in the browser.
BX.Recorder.isTypeSupported(type) Parameter type - string. Returns true, if the class supports the recording of sound in the 'type' format. Currently, only audio/mp3 format is supported
BX.Recorder.prototype.start() Start recording and encoding of sound.
BX.Recorder.prototype.stop() Stop recording and coding of sound
BX.Recorder.prototype.dispose() Object destructor

Note: To retrieve results of recording and encoding, the app script must subscribe to the stop event. Blob object with the record will be returned in this event.

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