OrderDiscountTable class for handling table with discounts order's applied discounts.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
calculateHashCalculates hash amount for a discount.
calculateRuleHashCalculates hash for fields CONDITIONS and ACTIONS.
clearListDeletes entries from table with order's applied discounts according to array $discount.
getDiscountByHashReturns discount ID by its hash amount.
getDiscountModulesReturns list of modules, required for handling discounts listed in the array $discount.
getMapReturns list of fields for table with order's applied discounts.
getTableNameReturns name for table with order's applied discounts.
prepareDiscountDataPrepares discount data for saving.
validateDiscountHashReturns validator for the field DISCOUNT_HASH (discount hash amount).
validateModuleIdReturns validator for the field MODULE_ID (module ID).
validateNameReturns validator for the field NAME (discount name).

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