\Bitrix\Sale\Internals\EntityCollection is a collection of entities.

Inheritance chain (within subspace \Bitrix\Sale)

Internals\EntityCollection > Internals\CollectionBase

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
clearCollectionDeletes all collection items.
doFinalActionExecutes final actions.
getIndexByIdSearches item in collection by ID and returns its internal index.
getItemByIdSearches item in collection by ID and returns it.
getItemByIndexSearches item in collection by internal index and returns it.
isAnyItemDeletedChecks if a collection item was deleted.
isChangedChecks if collection was updated. Returns true or false.
isCloneChecks if collection was cloned. Returns true or false.
verifyVerifies collection validly. Returns object \Bitrix\Sale\Result.

Methods for parent class \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\CollectionBase

MethodDescription Available from version
countReturns number of object items.
currentReturns current item.
getIteratorReturns external iterator.
isEmptyChecks collection for emptiness. When collection doesn't contain any items, returns true (otherwise, false).
keyReturns index for current collection item.
nextMoves collection selection to the next item.
offsetExistsDefines, if specified offset exists (key).
offsetGetReturns specified offset (key).
offsetSetSets value for this offset.
offsetUnsetResets offset value.
rewindRewinds selection to the first collection item.
validChecks, if collection contains valid items.

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